Regional Materials

To reduce impacts from transportation.

  • 100% of cement and aggregates used in Angelus products sourced within 500 miles
  • 100% of Angelus manufactured product within 500 miles
CalGreen A5.405.1
BDCv4 Project and product specific
BDCv4.1 Project and product specific
SITES SD-MS 5.6 Use regional materials: 3-5 pts.
SD-HH+W 6.11 Support local economy: 3 pts.
Products /
  • Concrete unit masonry
  • Interlocking concrete pavements
  • Permeable interlocking concrete pavements
  • Decorative landscape walls
  • Proto-II™ post tension masonry site walls

CALGreen and SITES recognize a 500-mile radius. All Angelus produced items are manufactured and sourced well within 500 miles of our market area.

LEED v4 eliminated Regional Materials, incorporating it as a contribution multiplier in the BPDO credits. However, the radius has been reduced to 100 miles, and more significantly, current wording and interpretation does not allow for any partial accounting – 100% of raw material sourcing and production must occur within 100 miles of the project.

Applicability to LEED for Angelus products will depend on much more than the obvious project and supplying plant location. Other factors such as product density (weight) classifications and pigmenting will determine its qualification based on locations of certain raw materials

For LEED v4, determination will be made on a project and product-specific basis.

By far, the bulk of materials used in the manufacture of Angelus products are local to our market area and within the state, thus contributing to local economies.

Regional Materials