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In 1946, hard-working fellows began a business with just a few manual one-at-a-time block-making presses, eager to build a life after war. With a progressive approach – notably early adopters of an amazing automated block machine – we were on our way. Seven decades and three generations of leadership later, Angelus Block is a tremendous success story. Owned by its founding family and privately held, Angelus Block has become the largest such business in the West with the greatest production capacity in the region. Of course, the manual presses and nascent automated machines have been replaced by modern technology and robotics, yet the guiding ethics and principles that built a business from scratch have remained and continue to inform management in today's complex business environment.

And now

With strategic investments in new facilities and acquisitions, Angelus Block is uniquely positioned to provide its products to the entire Southern California region, from the Central California Coast and Southern San Joaquin Valley to the Low Deserts and San Diego. Project-specific material is efficiently manufactured by utilizing our unequaled capacity available from multiple locations.

Angelus Block's product offerings evolved along with the sophistication of Southern California's architecture and the progression of seismic structural design. Concrete masonry had always been a hard-working structural system, but visionary designers recognized concrete masonry as a design material in addition to its utility. And since, we have developed a designers' palette of shape, texture, and color options worthy of the numerous award winning projects built with our material.

Leadership and stewardship

Leadership is not just the metric of being the largest in your market sector. It is measured by the stewardship of first, one's own company as a proud family heritage and the livelihood of many, and second, the investment in the common good of your industry and community.

Angelus Block is built for the long term. It is a commitment to the relationships sought and esteemed over many years – employees, customers, suppliers, and industry stakeholders. We value the dedication, experience, and stability provided by long-term staff members. Such an environment cannot exist without demonstrable commitment to a sustainable workplace. We've seen some especially trying, critical times of late in the construction industry with many casualties. Yet we're still here, seasoned staff intact and moving forward.

The concrete masonry industry is a holistic network of producers, masons, builders, architects, and engineers. Angelus Block supports them all: the educational voice of the Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada, the design community and associations, and masonry contractor groups, including workforce development.

That industry network exists within the local and regional communities. Angelus Block is committed to supporting the economies where we live and California business in general: all raw materials used in our production – including cinder, rock and sand aggregates – are sourced locally and within California. We are the only producer in the greater Los Angeles region to do so.

Environment and sustainable practices

While concrete masonry is inherently a low-impact, high-performing system, using far less cement than cast-in-place concrete, Angelus Block is committed to advancing its products in support of sustainability goals, and green rating system value. We are the first producer to publish Type III Environmental Product Declarations based on the latest North American Product Category Rules for concrete masonry products.

Angelus Block manufactures all concrete masonry units as CarbonKind™ Low Carbon CMU, achieving the largest CO2 reductions for CMU in the Southern California region. For example, compared to the Carbon Leadership Forum 2021 Material Baselines (v2), CO2 impacts are 61% less than the CLF baseline.

It's all about service

All of the above is only achieved by doing one thing extremely well: service. And at our core, that is what we strive for and what our customers depend on. The success of Angelus Block is testament to our doing a really good job at it, and impetus to continue a culture of service and value.

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