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BIM continues to expand in use as its benefits have become increasingly evident. Angelus Block recognizes the need for tools to bring efficiency to the workflow of architects, engineers, and designers—especially as it relates to masonry. We highly recommend the following:

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Masonry iQ

Angelus CMU are included in this application.

Masonry iQ is a Revit add-in that generates a true component level BIM model for masonry units. Painful manual tasks like sections, bond patterns, and modules are drawn for you by Masonry iQ, and kept in sync with data in the model. Their proprietary approach allows for modularity studies, custom patterns, rendering with content from local producers, and many more benefits, all without overwhelming Revit with data.

Wall creation and analysis
Elevation design with Angelus colors and textures
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Angelus CMU are included in this application.

Founded by practicing architects who envisioned a better way of working with Revit, BIMsmith® created a unique and easy-to-use web-based app to assemble and generate walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs. Its Forge and Market products let you quickly form complete assemblies and download manufacturers' details and data. And it's completely free for the user.

Forge: wall configurator
Market: BIM library


An Angelus-recommended service for masonry-specific, unit-level modeling for precise evaluation of material use, placement and design. Learn more about how CAD BLOX benefits the project in design and preconstruction phases.

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