Angelus Block 3D Unit Library

Create, collect, and download 3D models from Angelus Block's extensive structural and design palette.

Angelus produces hundreds of block sizes and configurations for architectural and structural purposes. Factor in combinations of units, colors, and textures, and thousands are possible. The Angelus Block 3D Unit Library is a web-based application that greatly simplifies finding a model by generating individual cmu based on simple user selections.

Easily find size and shape, then select as needed color, face textures, sash, bullnose, and vertical scores. Each attribute selected is shown in a 3D preview. A free account allows you to save the defined unit for downloading.

Downloads contain 3D models of the unit in SketchUp SKP and AutoCAD DWG file formats, along with texture images.

Open the Angelus Block 3D Library, create a free account, and begin collecting.


Angelus Block 3D Unit Library