Conventional Masonry Fences and Retainers

Angelus Block Masonry Fence Wall System

Though nothing can beat the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Proto II™ post tension walls, we do offer an alternative collection of details for masonry fences and retaining walls utilizing a conventional grout and rebar structural system.

Designed by professional structural engineering practices, details are available as an off-the-shelf set encompassing the most common applications. For site-specific details, please contact your representative.

Angelus Freestanding Fences included in the basic set:

  • Spread footing
  • Spread footing at property line
  • Trench footing
  • 16-in square and 24-in square pilasters, 6'-8" to 8'-0" high, with spread or pole footing
  • Glass and iron view walls

Angelus Retaining Walls included in the basic set:

  • Combo: 6-ft fence on 2-ft to 4-ft retaining
  • 2-ft to 6-ft retaining for level and sloped backfill - all 8-inch wide units

Significant Advantages over competing designs:

  • SlumpstoneTM walls at same schedule as Precision or Split Face walls
  • Each detail covers C@100/110/120/130
  • 2-ft to 6-ft retaining designs do not need 12-in wide units

The fence wall designs referenced are offered as a courtesy to licensed contractors and building professionals. It is the responsibility of the user to verify the Design Criteria are appropriate for a specific project under consideration and are approved for the project by the governing agency.

Angelus Block Masonry Fence Wall designs and details are the products of licensed professional engineers as noted on each detail. Angelus Block Masonry Fence Walls may be installed by licensed masonry contractors utilizing Angelus Block CMU.

Angelus Block Masonry Fence Wall System