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SKM files of Angelus Block CMU

Now available for download, Angelus has an extensive collection of SKM files for each of our marketed colors for structural cmu:

  • 31 colors
  • Standard faces in 4-inch high, 6-inch, high, and 8-inch high unit/course heights, in running bond and stack bond
  • Face feature cmu, 8-inch high, with running bond, and where appropriate, stack bond:
    • Projection & Shadow (cmu with unique face projections, angles, and geometry). SKM available for those units that can be alternated or flipped from unit-to-unit or course-to-course for dramatic visual effects
    • Deep Scores & Flutes (cmu with vertical projections to create continuous relief and shadow lines)
    • Graphic Scores (cmu with vertical insets that mimic struck joints)
  • A palette of more than 3,500 files to get and keep you going!
  • Each with associated mortar colors

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