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SKM files of Angelus Block CMU

Now available for download, Angelus has an extensive collection of SKM files for each of our marketed colors for structural cmu:

  • 31 colors
  • Standard faces in 4-inch high, 6-inch, high, and 8-inch high unit/course heights, in running bond and stack bond
  • Face feature cmu, 8-inch high, with running bond, and where appropriate, stack bond:
    • Projection & Shadow (cmu with unique face projections, angles, and geometry). SKM available for those units that can be alternated or flipped from unit-to-unit or course-to-course for dramatic visual effects
    • Deep Scores & Flutes (cmu with vertical projections to create continuous relief and shadow lines)
    • Graphic Scores (cmu with vertical insets that mimic struck joints)
  • A palette of more than 3,500 files to get and keep you going!
  • Each with associated mortar colors

Please note the colors and face features in the Angelus Block set of SketchUp materials are specific to our market region of Southern California. While you are welcome to use them, exact colors and some features may not be available for a project not in this area.

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SketchUp Materials