Health Product Declarations

To reward project teams for selecting products for which the chemical ingredients in the product are inventoried using an accepted methodology and for selecting products verified to minimize the use and generation of harmful substances.

CHPS II 10.1: 4pts.; MW 10.1: 1pt.
BDCv4 MR BPDO - Material ingredients: 1pt.
BDCv4.1 MR BPDO - Material Ingredients: 1pt.
Products /
  • Concrete unit masonry

Angelus Block was the first producer to publish HPDs to the HPD Open Standard 2.0. Current versions are 2.2.

The set of six HPDs are reported to 100 ppm and encompass all typically specified cmu products, grouped by ASTM C90 density categories.

Angelus CMU do not contain intentionally added BM-1 substances.

Download pdfs of the HPDs from Sustainability Downloads.

Environmental Product Declarations