Mission Statement

Our mission is relationship. A rewarding business is not entity to entity, but person to person, and we work to build and sustain long-term relationships with our customers, our suppliers, our employees, and with stakeholders within the building industry: architects, engineers, and builders. Our people connect them to the region's most extensive line of concrete masonry products and the state's largest production capacity.

Our guiding principle is stewardship. We support the masonry industry toward continued advancements and development in building codes, engineering, design, and workforce. We support efforts to advance the education of the engineering and design communities in the inherent, multi-function attributes of concrete masonry: life safety, earthquake resistance, fire resistance, longevity, and sustainable use and reuse of materials.

As the leader in our market segment, we strongly believe in supporting our local economies and California businesses. Accordingly, we are the only block producer in the greater Los Angeles region that sources its raw materials such as cinders, rock and sand aggregates, exclusively from California suppliers and as local to each production facility as feasible.

Angelus Block Mission Statement