Development Density / Infill Sites (Cont.)

Channel development to urban areas with existing infrastructure.

  • Integrate with natural contours of the site
  • Maximize usability of the site
  • Combine parking and stormwater management
CalGreen A5.103.1
CHPS SS 6.1: 2 pts.
GGlobes 14 pts.
BDCv4 LT Sensitive land protection Op 1: 1 pt.
LT Surrounding density and diverse uses: up to 5 pts.
BDCv4.1 LT Sensitive Land Protection Op 1: 1 pt.
LT Surrounding Density and Diverse uses: up to 5 pts.
NDv4 SLL Smart, Preferred Locations: up to 10 pts.
SITES SC 1.6: 4 pts.
Products /
  • Concrete unit masonry
  • Permeable interlocking concrete pavements
  • Decorative landscape walls
  • Proto-II™ post tension masonry site walls

New development can often strain existing municipal storm drain facilities, sometimes to critical levels. PICP, however, can significantly mitigate this impact.

Use of PICP can also help maximize the profitability of developing constrained urban sites by combining runoff detention facilities with pavement. Both functions can occupy the same area, freeing valuable space for additional income-generating structures.

Development Density / Infill Sites (2)