Technical Articles for Concrete Masonry

Articles in this section touch on a variety of subjects important to the performance of concrete masonry, or provide helpful data.

Efflorescence and Concrete Masonry Walls

An overview of the cause and effect of efflorescence in concrete and masonry.

Clear Water Repellent Treatments

A great overview of a critical part of concrete masonry design, taken from a CMACN and MIA publication.

Concrete Masonry Veneer

A brief discussion of cmu in a veneer application.

Composite Masonry

Grouted, multiwythe masonry.

Energy Efficiency

An introduction to energy and concrete isn't just R-value!

Fire Resistive Ratings

An overview and tables related to fire resistance of concrete masonry.

Noise Control

Noise reduction benefits of concrete masonry.

Wall Weights and Areas

Useful charts for determining weights per square foot and units per square foot.

Angelus Block Co., Inc. supplies this information as an educational aid in understanding the benefits of concrete masonry construction and our products. It is the responsibility of the user to obtain engineering or other advisory services from licensed professionals as the basis for incorporating into any project any information, detail, or product offered herein.

Concrete Masonry Technical Articles