Proto-II™ Wall Systems

Post Tensioned Fence and Retaining Walls

Post-tensioning of concrete has been in use for more than sixty years, and is commonly employed as a means to maximize the loading capabilities of concrete elements. Post tensioned concrete is typically employed in parking structures, office buildings, and many other structures where service loads are substantial. Residential builders are familiar with its use in floor slabs.

The specific application of post-tensioning to Proto-II™ fencing has been in use for more than thirty years, and utilizes the internationally recognized benefits of post-tensioning concrete and masonry structures. It is a solidly established method of design. Proto-II's™ adaptation of this technology provides a site wall unlike anything obtainable with conventional masonry methods.

Proto-II™ Fence Walls consist of an active system of tension rods rather than rebar/grout, an optimized concrete footing, and tensioning hardware. It's simple, light, ductile, and very strong. Cost-efficient and time-efficient, Proto-II™ walls offer many benefits unique to its post-tension design. Multiple design options are available within the system's standard design package, including combination retaining and post-tension fences, tall walls, view walls, and more.

The fence wall designs referenced are offered as a courtesy to licensed contractors and building professionals. It is the responsibility of the user to verify the Design Criteria are appropriate for a specific project under consideration and are approved for the project by the governing agency.

Proto-II™ fence and retaining wall designs and details are the products of licensed professional engineers as noted on each Proto-II™ Wall Systems detail. Proto-II™ Wall Systems are installed by authorized contractors only.

Proto-II™ Wall Systems - Post Tensioned Masonry