Post Tensioned Fence Walls

Proto-II™ Wall Systems

The Proto-II™ Wall System demonstrates simplicity of design achieving efficiency and strength. Wall compression attained from specified post tension forces creates outstanding structural integrity; stronger than conventional masonry, yet with the ability to flex without failure under code specified wind and seismic loading.

The basic Proto-II™ system consists of high strength steel tension rods "L"-hooked under a single rebar in the footing, a 1/4" steel plate washer, direct tension indicator and tensioning nut, and joint reinforcement at specified locations. Walls over 6 feet in height may have additional requirements.

Four footing types accommodate a variety of site conditions: Dip Footing (shown in diagram), Trench Footing, Pier Footing, or Spread Footing.

Cmu conforming to ASTM C90 are used in the construction of Proto-II™, so the completed wall will look like traditional cmu walls in every respect, including available face textures in precision, split, burnished, shotblast, and SlumpstoneTM.

Proto-II™ Footing Types

Proto-II™ Footing Types: Trench, Pier, Spread

Proto-II™ 5-ft to Daylight

5 Foot to Daylight
2:1 Slope

Standard Proto-II™ footings in Dip Footing or Trench Footing design meet the 5' to daylight requirement without increased footing depths or buried block – first course is at or near grade. The amount of soil displaced can be one-third to one-fourth that of conventional footings with a corresponding reduction in concrete volume, resulting in significant savings.

Proto-II™ Standard Fence Retaining Capabilities

Retaining Capabilities
Standard Fence Design

Measured in terms of "low soil" to "high soil", Proto-II™ walls are engineered with retaining capabilities in the basic wall design:

6" wide retains up to 3 feet with 6'-4" Proto-II™ wall on top.

Engineering is also available for conditions that exceed the base design, including combinations of retaining walls for lower courses and Proto-II™ for upper courses.

The fence wall designs referenced are offered as a courtesy to licensed contractors and building professionals. It is the responsibility of the user to verify the Design Criteria are appropriate for a specific project under consideration and are approved for the project by the governing agency.

Proto-II™ fence and retaining wall designs and details are the products of licensed professional engineers as noted on each Proto-II™ Wall Systems detail. Proto-II™ Wall Systems are installed by authorized contractors only.

Proto-II™ Wall Systems - Post Tensioned Fences