Protect Habitat (2)

Limit all site disturbance to 40 feet beyond building perimeter; 10 feet beyond surface walkways and parking; 15 feet beyond primary roadway curbs; and 25 feet beyond constructed permeable surfaces that require additional staging.

  • Unitized materials
  • Small staging requirements
  • Less displaced soil
  • PICPs reduce runoff impact to surrounding ecosystems

Supportive of strategy goals.

Note: ranges of LEED credit points include all specialties (New Construction, etc.) within a given rating system (BDCv3, etc.); highest point total may only apply to certain specialties.

BDCv3 SSc5.1: 1 pt.
NDv3 GIBc7: 1 pt.
NDv4 GIB Minimized site disturbance: 1 pt.
Products /
  • Concrete unit masonry
  • Interlocking concrete pavements
  • Permeable interlocking concrete pavements
  • Decorative landscape walls
  • Proto IITM post tension masonry

Pavers are immediately usable after installation and may be utilized for their own self-contained staging as work progresses.

Protect Habitat (2)