Innovation in Design

To encourage projects to achieve exceptional or innovative performance.
CHPS II10.1: 4 pts.
BDCv3 IDc1: up to 5 pts.
NDv3 IDc1: up to 5 pts.
BDCv4 IN Innovation: up to 5 pts.
NDv4 IN Innovation: up to 5 pts.
Products / Systems
  • Varies with credit

Many of the strategies discussed have the potential to earn additional LEED Exemplary Performance points where certain criteria are exceeded. Applicability of the credit may be specific to certain LEED rating systems or to particular options or paths within a given credit. Credits with Exemplary Performance options include:

Exemplary Performance BDCv3 NDv3 BDCv4 NDv4 CHPS
Development Density / Infill Sites X X
Brownfield Sites X
Walkable Streets X
Protect Habitat X
Stormwater Design / Rainwater Management X X X X
Heat Island Reduction X X X X
Energy and Atmosphere
Optimize Energy Performance X X X X X
Materials and Resources
Building Reuse X X X X
Environmental Product Declarations X
Recycled Content X X X X
Health Product Declarations X X
Regional Materials X
Construction Waste Management X X X
Indoor Environmental Quality
Acoustic Performance X
Low-Emitting Materials X X

Attempting LEED Pilot Credits to achieve additional points under Innovation in Design IDc1 is available. Refer to applicability and details of each Pilot Credit, available from USGBC:

Pilot Credits: Pilot Credits Innovation Catalog
v4 MR Credit Category for v2009 Projects (MRpc84) X
Material Ingredient Reporting (MRpc76) X
Material Multi-Attribute Assessment - EPD SSpc52) X
Innovation: Integrative Process X
Innovation: High Priority Site X
Innovation: Walkable Project Site X X
Innovation in Design