Heat-Island Reduction

Reduce heat-islands.

  • Compliant SRI and SR values
  • Extensive selection of available pavers
  • PICPs in these colors can contribute to multiple credits

Direct support of technical goals.

Note: ranges of LEED credit points include all specialties (New Construction, etc.) within a given rating system (BDCv3, etc.); highest point total may only apply to certain specialties.

CGreen A5.106.11.1
CHPS SS10.1: 2 pts.
GGlobes 1-2 pts.
BDCv3 SSc7.1: 1 pt.
NDv3 GIBc9: 1 pt.
BDCv4 SS Heat island reduction: up to 2 pts.
NDv4 GIB Heat island reduction: 1 pt.
Products /
  • Interlocking concrete pavements
  • Permeable interlocking concrete pavements

Pavements with higher SRI or SR values reflect sunlight, absorb and emit less heat than standard pavements, especially compared to asphalt.

Angelus Pavers can provide a wide selection of design options with the following colors meeting the SRI of 29, and initial SR of 0.33:

SRI SR Applicable to:
Angelus Paver Gray 37 0.33 All
Angelus Paver Cream 36 0.33 All
Angelus Paver Red 37 0.31 CGreen, CHPS, GGlobes, BDCv3
Angelus Paver Sand* 33 0.37 All
Angelus Paver Terra Cotta 32 - CHPS, GGlobes, BDCv3, NDv3
Angelus Paver Adobe* 36 - CHPS, GGlobes, BDCv3, NDv3
Angelus Paver Buff* 35 - CHPS, GGlobes, BDCv3, NDv3
* Special Order colors.
Heat-Island Reduction