Environmental Product Declarations

To reward project teams for selecting products with verified improved environmental life-cycle impacts.

  • First Type III EPD for CMU

Direct support of technical goals.

CHPS MW7.1: 2 pts.
GGlobes 3.5.1: up to 20 pts.
BDCv3 PC 52 Material multi-attribute assessment: 1 pt.
BDCv4 MR BPDO - EPDs: up to 2 pts.
Products /
  • Concrete unit masonry

Angelus Block is the first producer to publish a Type III EPD based on ASTM International PCR005: Product Category Rules for Preparing an Environmental Product Declaration for Manufactured Concrete and Concrete Masonry Products (12/2014). It is the first PCR specific to concrete masonry units in North America.

The EPD is extensive in scope, covering mix designs from each of Angelus Block's production facilities for all typically specified products.

Download a copy of the EPD for Angelus Block Concrete Masonry Units.

Environmental Product Declarations