Environmental Product Declarations

To reward project teams for selecting products with verified improved environmental life-cycle impacts.

CHPS MW 7.1: 2 pts.
GGlobes up to 19 pts.
BDCv4 MR BPDO - EPDs: up to 2 pts.
BDCv4.1 MR BPDO - EPDs: up to 2 pts.
MRpc132 - Procurement of Low Carbon Construction Materials
SITES SD-MS 5.9 Support sustainability in materials manufacturing: 1-5 pts.
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  • Concrete unit masonry

  Concrete unit masonry includes low impact CarbonKind CMU by Angelus Block. Learn more here.

Angelus Block was the first producer to publish a Type III EPD based on the first Product Category Rules specific to concrete masonry units in North America and again is first to publish EPDs to the latest PCR for Part B: Concrete Masonry and Segmental Concrete Paving Product EPD Requirements, November 2020. The new Type III EPDs are available by product mix and manufacturing location. Essential EPDs are available here, and more are available upon request or from our EPD operator, ASTM.

CarbonKind™ CMU by Angelus Block significantly lowers CO2e well below the Carbon Leadership Forum's (CLF) 2021 Material Baselines (v2) for concrete masonry units. Medium Weight (MW) CMU are the predominant product type used in buildings. The average CO2e impacts in Angelus EPDs for MW show reductions of 42% and 61% for CLF Typical and Baseline values. See CarbonKind for more information.

With data now available from CLF, comparisons to baselines are possible. A new LEED v4.1 Pilot Credit, Procurement of Low Carbon Construction Materials (MRpc132), provides means to account for and define reductions in the embodied carbon of materials, and ultimately the building. Angelus CarbonKind cmu significantly contribute to the intent of this pilot credit.

All typically used structural and architectural cmu are covered, specific to manufacturing location.

Get PDFs of frequently used EPDs at Environmental Product Declarations.

Environmental Product Declarations