Environmental Product Declarations

To reward project teams for selecting products with verified improved environmental life-cycle impacts.

CHPS MW 7.1: 2 pts.
GGlobes up to 19 pts.
BDCv4 MR BPDO - EPDs: up to 2 pts.
BDCv4.1 MR BPDO - EPDs: up to 2 pts.
SITES SD-MS 5.9 Support sustainability in materials manufacturing: 1-5 pts.
RELi MA Req. 1.3 Project Material Selection + Use Planning: recycled content, local materials, EPDs, HPDs
Products /
  • Concrete unit masonry

Angelus Block was the first producer to publish a Type III EPD based on the first PCR specific to concrete masonry units in North America and will continue to offer EPDs based on current PCRs.

All typically used structural and architectural cmu are covered, specific to manufacturing location.

Download a copy of the EPD for Angelus Block Concrete Masonry Units.

Environmental Product Declarations