Enhanced Durability and Reduced Maintenance

Choose materials proven to be characterized by one or more of the following:

  • Service life - longevity and minimal deterioration.
  • Reduced maintenance - require little, if any, finishing, or do not require frequent applications of toxic finishes.
  • Recyclability - can be reused or recycled at end of service life
CalGreen A5.406
Products /
  • Concrete unit masonry
  • Interlocking concrete pavements
  • Permeable interlocking concrete pavements
  • Decorative landscape walls
  • Proto-II™ post tension masonry site walls

Proven longevity with minimal deterioration, reduced maintenance, and recyclability at end of service life: concrete masonry, interlocking concrete pavements, permeable interlocking concrete pavements, decorative landscape walls, and Proto-II™ certainly apply to all of the criteria.

Concrete is prized as an extremely durable material, and in the form of concrete masonry units, pavers, and landscape units provides long-lasting structures and pavements requiring little to no maintenance, with less impact than poured concrete

While concrete masonry walls are not "flexible" in the sense of reconfiguring to a new layout, they are one of the most resilient and disaster-resistant structural systems possible. Their performance would be the reason a building could be refitted or repurposed beyond original intent or post-disaster.

ICP and PICP are not only inherently durable, but they can be removed and reinstalled to revised site plans.

Enhanced Durability and Reduced Maintenance