Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction / Building Reuse

To encourage adaptive reuse and optimize the environmental performance of products and materials.

  • Long life cycle
  • Durable building shell

Direct support of technical goals.

Note: ranges of LEED credit points include all specialties (New Construction, etc.) within a given rating system (BDCv3, etc.); highest point total may only apply to certain specialties.

CGreen A5.105.1.1
CHPS MW8.1: 1-2 pts.
GGlobes 3.5.3: up to 6 pts.
BDCv3 MRc1.1: up to 3 pts.
NDv3 GIBc5: 1 pt.
BDCv4 MR Building life-cycle impact reduction: up to 6 pts.
NDv4 GIB Building reuse: 1 pt.
Products /
  • Concrete unit masonry

Concrete masonry is exceptionally durable and its life-cycle considerably longer than many other building envelope systems. This allows the opportunity to refurbish the building for other uses while maintaining the concrete masonry shell.

Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction / Building Reuse