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Angelus Block Reduces Its Carbon Footprint

Incorporating a newly available cement yields a smaller environmental impact

Angelus Block continues its investments and partnerships to contribute to sustainable design in ways that are truly meaningful. From optimized mix designs to recycled products, we have advanced the sustainability value of our products while maintaining their multiple design functionalities and tremendous economic value.

And now we're taking another next-step to reduce our carbon footprint even more.

Typical cast concrete products use Portland cement (Pc), covered under the standard ASTM C150. It is the predominant cement used in concrete. Though concrete masonry units (cmu) consume about one-third the Pc compared to other forms of structural concrete, any amount of Pc has a negative environmental impact in its creation of CO2, the primary greenhouse gas from human activity. Thus, any reduction in Pc related CO2 is a significant move forward.

Angelus Block is now manufacturing its cmu and hardscape products with a new blended cement conforming to ASTM C595, an accepted cement in the standards for cmu and pavers.

For Angelus Block products, this change will cut CO2 created from associated cement production by an average of 9%. The result? An estimated 16 ton reduction of CO2 emitted to the environment for every 100,000 units1.

Considering a typical big box retail building consists of 100,000 units or more, and a new high school campus can consume 200,000 cmu and more, this is a substantial improvement. And better yet, there is no change, to some improvement, in product performance, with no change to the scope of our current product offerings.

Except, of course, a much smaller carbon footprint.

This change can also be a contributing step forward given the recently passed legislation (California Senate Bill 32) requiring statewide greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced to 40% below the 1990 level by 20302.

For more information, please contact your Angelus Block representative.

See also Concrete Masonry: A Low Carbon Wall, to see how Angelus Block cmu play a major role in a building system already lower in impacts compared to other walls.

1 Based on typical 8x8x16 nominal cmu.

2 SB-32 California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: emissions limit. (2015-2016), https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201520160SB32

Angelus Block Reduces Its Carbon Footprint