Acoustic Performance

Provide building occupants with an indoor environment conducive to learning and healing.

  • Isolates and dissipates noise
  • Blocks and absorbs sound

Direct support of technical goals.

Note: ranges of LEED credit points include all specialties (New Construction, etc.) within a given rating system (BDCv3, etc.); highest point total may only apply to certain specialties.

CGreen 5.507.4; A5.507.5
CHPS EQ14.0 Prereq.: 5 pts;
EQ14.1: 4 pts.
GGlobes up to 18 pts.
BDCv3 Varies by specialty
BDCv4 IEQ Acoustic performance: Prereq; 1-2 pts.
Products /
  • Concrete unit masonry

Concrete masonry walls can be used to isolate noise, block sound transmission and absorb noise. They are successfully used as party walls, hotel separation walls, and highway sound walls.

Sound Transmission Class (STC) measures the sound-blocking capability of an assembly.

Typical STC ratings of solid grouted medium weight CMU
Thickness STC
6" 50
8" 55
10" 60
12" 63
Acoustic Performance