Sound-Absorbing CMU - Type IV

Trenwyth Acousta-Wal®

ACOUSTA-WAL® sound-absorbing masonry units are your acoustical and aesthetic solution in one product. Whether it's a school gym, lecture hall or performance arts center, ACOUSTA-WAL is your solution to sound absorption and control. Its unique design controls sound transmission as it absorbs sound waves. ACOUSTA-WAL absorbs sound at all frequencies ... even the difficult-to-control low frequencies.

ACOUSTA-WAL® is available in Trenwyth Astra-Glaze-SW+® and Trendstone® finishes, as well as natural gray. (Astra-Glaze-SW+® units are available with recycled content.)

Use Type IV Units for broad range sound absorption, such as school gymnasiums, lecture halls, and performing art centers.

Available in 4" or 6" thicknesses, Type IV units have wide funnel-shaped slots, opening into a two chamber cavity separated by a metal septum laminated to a factory-inserted fiberglass filler. Fiberglass fillers are chemically inert, vermin resistant, incombustible and moisture-proof. No cells for reinforcement &endash; they must be installed as veneer or in a composite wall.

4" x 8" x 16" Type IV Acoustical Stretcher

Special Order.

6" x 8" x 16" Type IV Acoustical Stretcher

Special Order.

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