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Standard Items

Items referred to as standard or stock units and/or colors are normally available, meaning such units are subject to occasional fluctuations in inventory levels which may affect availability from time to time. Not all standard items are stocked at every location; some units are only manufactured at one or two plants. Status of a unit or color as a standard item is subject to change without notice. Please check with your representative for current information.

Special Order Items

Certain configurations or colors are available only on a special order basis. Such units are typically identified as "special order only", but such listings are subject to change; please verify with your representative.

Though the variety of configurations and colors available by special order offer tremendous design variety, manufacturing and scheduling constraints may impose limitations. Special orders are subject to minimum quantities and mold change charges. (A mold change charge defrays a portion of the cost of mold set-ups and machine down-time while molds are changed for special order configurations and/or the material batching/handling system is cleaned of special order color.)

Whenever a special order unit is required, the construction (and contract) schedule must reflect sufficient lead time for ordering, manufacture, and cure. Although Angelus Block will make every effort to minimize the effects of insufficient lead time, job schedules may be adversely affected, or, readily available units may have to be substituted.

For special order units, consulting an Angelus Block representative is strongly recommended and will be of great benefit to the specifier and the project.

Further, some units may only be manufactured at a specific plant or have other characteristics for consideration. Again, please consult your representative for specific information regarding special order units or colors.

Availability in General

In all cases where there may be any uncertainty regarding product, significant quantities, unusual circumstances, or special order material, please call upon your Angelus Block representative to verify availability and use of product, or to assist you in any way we can.

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