Concrete Masonry Units

All concrete block produced by Angelus are low impact CarbonKind CMU. This symbol indicates CarbonKind products and product lines.

Angelus Block offers an enormous selection of cmu for every application: from leading-edge architectural masonry to utilitarian structural solutions.

Use the All CMU Products Search to find a specific product, or choose one of the featured product types below.

Other links to useful design and technical resources are found at the bottom of this page.

All CMU Products Search

Easily drill down through the entire cmu product line.


Looks like brick, performs like block.

The Pixel Blocks

Unique, dynamic geometry and shadow patterns.

Projection and Shadow

Features for pattern and accent.

Deep Scores and Flutes

Textural relief and depth.

Graphic Scores

Grid patterns and vertical emphasis for visual contrast.

Breeze Block and Screen Units

Patterned, decorative open-air units.

Design And Technical Resources For Concrete Masonry

Colors & Textures

General color charts and swatch files.


Concrete masonry guide specifications.

Technical Articles

Discussions of important topics.


Typical details for concrete masonry.

CMU Basics

Topical discussions on basic cmu attributes.

Code References

Code summaries related to cmu.

Concrete Masonry Products