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BIM Tools Recommended by Angelus Block

Angelus Block materials are now in Revit® enhancing applications.

Angelus Block is pleased to announce its collaboration with two exciting tools for BIM and Revit users, both providing tremendous efficiency: Masonry iQ and BIMsmith. Both incorporate Angelus colors and textures.

Masonry iQ, from 3DiQ, is an add-in to Revit that solves the many issues related to working with masonry structures within the Revit environment. It creates Revit wall types with intelligent masonry materials that "know" their relationship to design, allow for custom bond patterns, generate properly bonded corners, set bond beams and control joints with an analysis tool that inspects a model for modularity, proper layout, finds field cut locations and more.

Masonry iQ also has a module that enables the design of the wall elevation, choosing from manufacturers' palettes of colors, textures, and sizes. Products can be placed course-by-course or in fields to create banding, regions, and mixed color/texture fields.

BIMsmith, founded by practicing architects who envisioned a better way of working with Revit, created a unique and easy-to-use web-based app to assemble and generate walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs, as well as a portal to manufacturer-specific assets-2D detail files, specifications, data sheets and more. Best of all, it's completely free for the user. BIMsmith offers two services:

BIMsmith Forge, to build and download a complete wall assembly–structures, membranes, even paint–choosing producer-specific or generic products. View, rotate, explode, and rearrange items as you build.

BIMsmith MarketTM, to access manufacturer-specific downloadable content: detail components, specs, and documents.

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