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Angelus Block Announces Its New Carbon Calculator

Quickly assess estimated carbon output based on selected materials

The new Carbon Calculator from Angelus Block, specific to its cement type, location, and Southern California locale, demonstrates a lower base impact versus Eastern data and demonstrates the significant reductions in carbon output with optional masonry grout mixes.

Selections for masonry grouts with high SCM replacements are based on mix designs included in a testing program conducted by the Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada. The Calculator instantly shows the substantially lower impacts of using masonry grout with high SCM.

The Calculator also takes into account the unique treatment of concrete masonry mass walls in the California Energy Code, where insulation is not mandated. Thus, calculated values are more accurate for the region served by Angelus. The tool has been reviewed by Athena Sustainable Materials Institute.

For a download of the Angelus Carbon Calculator, visit Sustainability Downloads