Masonry iQ™ DESIGN

Masonry-Intelligent Add-In for Revit®

The Masonry iQ DESIGN add-in creates Revit wall types with intelligent masonry materials that "know" their relationship to the model, allows custom bond patterns, generates properly bonded corners, sets bond beams and control joints. Masonry iQ inspects the model for modularity, proper layout, finds field cut locations and more.

Included is a module to create the design of the wall elevation, choosing from Angelus' palettes of CMU colors, textures, and sizes. Products can be placed course-by-course, in fields, or at unit level to create banding, regions, mixed color/texture fields, or patterns.


  • Automate section and plan view details, ensuring continuity throughout your design.
  • Audit masonry layout for modularity and explore field cuts.
  • Quickly create custom patterns.
  • Easily manage movement joint locations.
  • Angelus colors & textures included!

Getting started is free and easy!

Simply contact us for a license sponsored by Angelus Block. Available to AEC firms with projects primarily in Southern California, and students in the SoCal region.

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Masonry iQ™ DESIGN