Masonry iQ

Masonry-Intelligent Add-In for Revit®: Wall Creation and Analysis

From 3DiQ, Masonry iQ is an add-in to Revit, and solves the many issues related to working with masonry structures within the Revit environment. It creates Revit wall types with intelligent masonry materials that "know" their relationship to design, allow for custom bond patterns, generate properly bonded corners, set bond beams and control joints with an analysis tool that inspects a model for modularity, proper layout, finds field cut locations and more.


  • Examines modularity
  • Properly bonds corners
  • Analyzes cuts at openings and out-of-module wall lengths
  • Generates sweeps, accounts for bond beam courses
  • Draws masonry sections automatically

Features video

Create custom masonry patterns

Preview corners and bond beam locations

Study layout, field cuts, movement joints and opening locations

Draw masonry wall sections automatically

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Masonry iQ Add-in for Revit - Wall Creation and Analysis