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Systems & Products

The following are products and assemblies we will relate to green building strategies:

System Description Components Angelus Products
Concrete Masonry Versatile structural and design system.
Structure and design finish in one material.
Concrete masonry units (cmu)

Mortar, grout, reinforcing steel
Angelus CMU, Trenwyth Industries CMU, Spec Mix® Preblended Mortars
Interlocking Concrete Pavements Durable pavement with tremendous design palette to create/accompany any theme. Interlocking concrete paving stones

Bedding and joint sand, base aggregates
Angelus Paving Stones

Angelus Joint Sand

Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements PICP, unlike any other permeable pavement, are long-lasting, drivable, walkable, AND visually attractive surfaces, while providing runoff control and treatment. Permeable interlocking concrete paving stones

Various joint and base aggregates, various geotextiles
Angelus Permeable Paving Stones


Permeable Holland
Segmental Retaining Walls Dry-stacked segmental retaining wall units. Segmental retaining wall units

Base and fill
Angelus Planter Wall Units
Proto II™ Post Tensioned Wall System Fence and retaining wall masonry systems employing post tension engineering. Grout is typically eliminated for a cost-effective, light, ductile, and materials-efficient system. CMU

Mortar, joint reinforcement, footing rebar, tensioning steel and hardware
Angelus CMU

Spec Mix® Preblended Mortars

Proto II™ Hardware
Sustainable Systems & Products