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Site Applications - Pavers & Walls

Angelus Block produces a full range of pavers for every design theme, permeable pavers for runoff control, and units for decorative landscape walls.

Explore the range of sizes, shapes, applications, and colors available, as well as supporting technical information at the new home for Angelus Pavers & Walls:

Angelus Block Products for Site Applications: Pavers & Permeable Pavers have moved to a new website

Angelus Pavers and Permeable Pavers are now located at:

Angelus Decorative Landscape Walls

Angelus Decorative Walls are now located at:

Segmental Retaining Wall Units

Stonewall� II
Planter Walls

Links and references with this icon indicate the content is now available in our new Angelus Pavers and Walls website:

Angelus Block Products for Site Applications: Pavers & Walls