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Angelus Segmental Retaining Wall Systems

Looking for masonry retaining walls?
See Site Applications - Fences and Retaining for conventional and post-tension designs.

Angelus Block manufactures segmental retaining wall (SRW) units for a variety of uses — planter walls, tree rings, fire rings and low retaining walls — and easy installation.

Angelus StoneWall® II Olympic Series and Angelus Planter Wall units have a new web home:

Angelus StoneWall® II Olympic Series units are rich in color and texture, providing creative versatility for decorative site walls. See more at

Angelus Planter Wall units are perfect for any landscape; lightweight, easy to handle, and easy to install. See more at

For more extensive projects, you may also be interested in Slope Block. Angelus Block is a contract manufacturer for Slope Block, Inc. in the Southern California region.

Please contact Slope Block, Inc. for all sales, design, permit requirements, and product information at, or (805) 376-9924. Slope Block offers a pamphlet with additional information. Please consult Slope Block, Inc. regarding your application.

Slope Block Project Slope Block Drawing
Angelus Segmental Retaining Wall Systems