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PMP Grout Additive


PMP Grout Additive is a powder admixture for concrete used in grouting of concrete block and clay brick. PMP Grout Additive will provide slight expansion, retarding, and water reducing properties to the grout. The product improves the performance and the placeability of the grout.

Concrete with PMP Grout Additive will have a water reduction of 10-15%, 8-10% higher compressive strengths and increased shear bond strength. It contains no chlorides or other chemicals which contribute to corrosion of reinforcing steel. Special mix designs available to meet individual job requirements.


  • Admixture for masonry grout.


  • Higher slumps and improved pumping properties.
  • Higher bond and compressive strength.
  • Lower water cement ratio.
  • Slight expansion.
  • Increased water retention.
  • Non-corrosive.

PMP Grout Additive

42 lb.

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