Professional Resources

Angelus Block has programs, guides, and materials for Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers, Builders, Designers, and all construction professionals involved with creative, specification, or construction processes.

Please contact us for additional information or for any assistance we may provide.


Continuing Education

Programs for AIA and GBCI continuing education. Request availability and information.

Plant Tours

See how cmu and pavers are manufactured, from raw materials to finishing processes. Request for one person or your entire organization! College/university classes welcome.

Design Resources

Resource DVD

A collection of product color and texture swatches, SketchUp material files, and more. Request a copy for your firm or multiple stations.


An extensive product catalog and educational tool. Request copies for your office.


Request color and texture samples - individual chips or color kit box.

Guides & Details


Guide specs for concrete masonry, including veneers and DSA/OSHPD.

Code References

Collections of code references relevant to product applications.


Details for concrete unit masonry; searchable.

CMU Basics

Topical discussions on basic cmu attributes.

Technical Articles

Discussions of important topics.

Download Center

PDFs of our print catalog, third-party references, details, specifications and more.

Home Builder Resources

Site Applications - Masonry Fences & Retaining

You have choices: conventional OR post tension. An overview of the options Angelus gives you in engineering and details.

Proto IITM Wall Systems

Paradigm-changing engineering for fence walls, retaining walls, tall walls, and 4-inch lot separation walls.

Angelus Masonry Fence Wall

Updated conventional fence and retaining wall designs from Angelus Block.

Angelus Block Professional Resources