Post Tensioned Lot Separation Walls

Proto IITM Wall Systems

With a significant innovation for interior masonry fencing, Proto IITM offers the perfect masonry alternative to low cost, inferior vinyl or wood fences in interior B@100 applications.

The safety, durability, and marketability of a masonry fence at a price competitive with vinyl.

By utilizing a stocked, off-the-shelf 4-inch wide concrete block in stocked gray and neutral tan colors, similar to vinyl availability, Proto II installers can harness the efficiency of Proto II post-tension to deliver an interior lot-separation masonry fence competitive with vinyl fencing.


  • Wherever vinyl or wood fencing is used.
  • Typical 6-ft high walls.
  • B@100, typically interior lot separation walls.


  • Proto II post-tension design.
  • Continuous trench design accommodates property line conditions.
  • Professionally engineered to provide the durability and wind resistance equivalent to wall 6-inches and more in width.
  • Far superior to vinyl in durability, safety, and markebility.
  • Long-term benefit to the homeowner.
  • Enhanced marketability for the builder


  • 4x8x16 Proto II Tongue & Groove cmu pecision Normal Weight unit stocked in natural Gray and Proto Tan colors.
  • Proto II hardware.

Proto II Masonry Fencing* Vinyl Fencing*
Safe, non-toxic Numerous studies indicate persistent toxicity
Fire-resistant, no toxins released when heated Releases hydrochloric acid and other deadly gases at less than ignition temperatures
All materials completely recyclable Difficult and costly to recycle; contaminates other easily recyclable plastics
Material sources are local with very low embodied energy Chemical components for vinyl not local; extremely high embodied energy
Strong, impact resistant Low impact resistance; must protect from normal outdoor activity
Pets cannot dig under fence and footing Very easy to dig under panels
Excellent noise attenuation Minimal noise attenuation; gaps in fence
Appearance and stability of masonry, but cost comparable to vinyl It is what it is: plastic
*See Lot Separation, 4-Inch Proto IITM and Vinyl: a Holistic Comparison

The fence wall designs referenced are offered as a courtesy to licensed contractors and building professionals. It is the responsibility of the user to verify the Design Criteria are appropriate for a specific project under consideration and are approved for the project by the governing agency.

Proto IITM fence and retaining wall designs and details are the products of licensed professional engineers as noted on each Proto IITM Wall Systems detail. Proto IITM Wall Systems are installed by authorized contractors only.

Proto II<sup>TM</sup> Wall Systems - 4-Inch Lot Separation Fencing